Bright Future

Learning Center

Certified Instructors

Our Group Leaders are all experienced with working with children. They were carefully selected based on certification, experience and ability to interact with children in a loving and positive manner, which is conductive to a positive learning environment. Continuous in-service education keeps our staff alert to changing needs of today’s families as well as the findings of current research in the field of child care. In addition, our staff is all certified annually in C.P.R. and First Aide.

Our Philosophy is of the utmost importance for children and their parents. We at Bright Future believe that a positive influence has the greatest impact on the development of each individual. Children need a place to express their creativity, to feel safe, and to be a part of a group that has a strong unity. Our goal is for each child to reach his or her fullest potential through age appropriate activities. Children need educational stimulation in art, math, phonics, computers, reading, music, and social behavior all of which we are prepared to give.    

We build on the concepts that both parents and schools are striving to teach our children. We at Bright Future want to provide an open line of communication with parents as well as assisting to educate them in child development and behavioral management techniques. We strive to help parents by providing a safe, caring, learning environment for their children as well as a place where families can receive social and emotional support.


Our Staff